From unwanted wood to must-have furniture


At Kenny Waste Management, we’re always looking out for innovative ways to recycle and re-use waste. How’s this for a brilliant repurposing idea: unwanted wood reborn as hand-crafted, custom-made furniture?


We’re working with the Cheshire Wildlife Trust to support their Create For Nature project. This original approach to recycling turns waste timber into beautiful, bespoke pieces of furniture. The rustic-style furniture ranges from shelving right through to large items such as dining tables, all made from unwanted wood.

The project was developed by Sam Salisbury of Cheshire Wildlife Trust, who was looking for new ways to raise funds. As a trained furniture maker, he soon came up with a novel idea: unique wooden furniture made solely from waste products.

Create for Nature

Working with Cheshire College South and West, the Trust converted an old cattle shed in their headquarters at Bickley Hall Farm in Malpas. With the workshop in place, Sam then approached potential local partners to secure a supply of waste wood.

One of the local companies he approached was Kenny Waste Management. Naturally, we were delighted with such an exciting way of diverting wood waste – after all, we don’t often see our waste transformed into items on Etsy!

Earlier this month, we delivered our first load of Grade A+ Wood to Sam. One of our trucks tipped a load of wood waste at the Trust’s farm, which Sam began sorting through almost immediately.

The wood will be earmarked for certain types of reclaimed furniture. The products are then made by local volunteer groups, who meet up at Malpas to work on Create For Nature’s stunning, individual pieces. And this is yet another win for this fantastic project: it brings people together to create a community of modern-day craftspeople, sharing and learning skills in a friendly environment.

The results are incredible. We love the effect that the re-used wood gives the finished pieces. There are dinks and dents, scuffs and scratches, and all manner of idiosyncratic little details that tell of the wood’s industrial past. Every table, chair or shelf has its own tale to tell.

If you’re interested in commissioning hand-crafted furniture from Create For Nature, please visit their Etsy page. Or, if you are running a project that can re-use waste materials, please contact us at Kenny Waste Management – we’d be really interested to hear your ideas.



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